Homeopathy Case Studies

Case Study 1

16 year old male presenting with severe abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea signalled by bubbling in the guts, pallor, weakness and loss of appetite. Diarrhoea starts immediately after eating, everything tastes sour. Stomach feels hollow and empty. Griping pain in the abdomen worse for eating most things, no vomiting or nausea. Asked him to keep a food dairy and notes on condition. Requested stool sample, tested but no causative organisms found, slight traces of blood found. Podophyllum peltatum 30CH 2 hourly for 2-3 days.

Follow-up 5 days later: Patient much better, pain much diminished and appetite better. Patient has traced feeling worse to eating floury/gluten containing foods, meats, most dairy, any sugar, some fruits, any strong spices. Patient alarmed, can now see blood in the stool. Cadmium sulphuratum 9CH 4 doses a day Recommended further investigation by gastroenterologist, suspected ulcerative colitis. Patient has no medical aid, said they would follow up on it later if needed. I recommended going to Port Elizabeth for further investigation, refused due to press of academic year.

Follow-up 1 week later: Patient about 95% improved. Recommended following restricted diet and observation, and doing further investigation if illness becomes recurrent. Telephonic follow-up: patient 100%, following diet easily.

Case Study 2

49 year old female, very healthy in all other respects, came to me after assessment and treatment by her gynecologist for menopause symptoms. Had been given hormone replacement therapy which made her feel “wafty” and “out of control” and had stopped it after 2 months. She had struggled in the subsequent 4 months with slight hot flushes and very severe mood swings, to the point that she was worried about her marriage. She stated that she became a “monster" for about a week before her period, during the period as well. Felt that her times of behaving normally were becoming shorter and shorter. Was having problems concentrating. Periods were irregular, heavy with the feeling that her uterus was falling out between her legs. Cimicifuga racemosa 200CH for one week prior to the period and during the period.

Follow-up: Emotionally 80% more even, able to have hope for the future. Patient took the remedy for the next 4 cycles, then stopped as it was no longer necessary.