Homeopathy and Kinesiology: The Way Forward!

Energy medicine is the future. It offers gentle and effective forms of healing. It is also less destructive than most conventional therapies. Health and happiness always involve the whole person. Homeopaths and kinesiologists take that into account.

Both homeopathy and kinesiology are essentially energy medicines – they treat the whole person on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And you can begin your treatment on any of these levels: with your feelings and moods, a pain that keeps recurring, or with stresses about learning issues.

There are other concerns as well. We don’t know what the possible long-term effects of GMO foods, heavy metals, pollution, chronic medications and fast foods will be - not to mention exposure to radiation, electromagnetic and other kinds, as well as Wifi. We need to tread very carefully in the preservation of our health, that of our children, and the planet that hosts us.


When I first started working in a health shop in 1990, I was fortunate to land up in one of the Weleda flagship shops of the time. This was the Natural Remedies Centre (NRC) in Claremont, Cape Town. As well as being an excellent heath shop, NRC was one of the few shops to supply both complexes and single homeopathic remedies to the public.

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Wellness versus Lack of Illness. “I’m fine, but…” is the statement I most often hear in my business. This is no real surprise to me, as I have met very few completely healthy people in my life. And in my business, that of wellness and homeopathy, things should be different. So what does that “but” actually mean?

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary Homeopathy is defined as “ A system of medical practice founded by Hahnemann of Leipzig in about 1796, according to which diseases are treated by the administration of drugs, usually in very small doses, which would produce in a healthy person symptoms like those of the disease treated.”

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Case Study 1. 57-year old male struggling with constant leg and knee pain after any extensive walking or standing. History of shattering a calcaneus bone (heel) in his twenties and suffering severe foot pain for 10-15 years thereafter. Both knees are bowing outwards and weight is carried on the non-affected side.

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Kinesiology is a therapy type that uses energy treatments to Chinese Merian Systemrestore balance between various systems in the body. These procedures are loosely based on the Chinese meridian system of energy medicine, but also include elements of osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching.

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