After setting a goal the kinesiologist will follow the client by reading his or her responses to muscle testing. In other words, the client determines the direction of the treatment, always with the chosen goal in mind. This “reading” is my particular skill so that I can help my clients achieve a better outlook and change negative self-perceptions that have sometimes blighted their lives for a long time. In this capacity I am also completely non-judgemental.

Kinesiology brings together my experience of how emotions and mental outlook affect people’s health on all levels, leaving them victim to physical and emotional struggles that they are ready to leave behind, if they only knew how. Using these tools I am a more effective facilitator of good health.

Kinesiology also acknowledges that illness is sometimes simply the result of a physical cause. However, one would not fall victim to it easily unless something were out of balance. For example, allergies get worse when you are stressed.

Kinesiology supports you in finding your way to better health and towards really manifesting yourself as best possible at this point in your life.